Grindhouse Games previews Rosie for Incursion

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Jul 28th, 2013

Grindhouse Games shows off some more artwork for Incursion with a look at Rosie.

From the preview:

We have a real treat for you all this afternoon. Rosie rendered!

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  • blkdymnd

    Looks pretty cool. I’m the biggest Weird War fan in the world, but something about theirs just doesn’t grab me.

    For one thing, it’ll be a Kickstarter, and after sooooo many delayed Kickstarter deliveries (granted, most of them from Cool Mini) because the campaigns overstretch themselves with so many stretch goals, they can’t deliver, I’m pretty much apathetic to KS after backing a lot of previous ones.

    Second, it must be the art direction for me. It’s very cartoony. I’m a huge Dust fan, and Dust was built off of a comic book, but they lessened the looks of the models, more or less, to not be too cartoony. I also like Rivet Wars, but I can live with its cartoony nature because its unapologetically cartoony. Incursion seems to want to be more ‘serious’, but the art direction says the opposite.

    Meh, probably just me. It’ll make hundreds of thousands without me raining on their parade anyway.

  • So, how about AE-WWII? Did you back that KS as well? Just curious on your thoughts on that game.

  • blkdymnd

    I had played it before, way before the Kickstarter (2009 maybe?). We enjoyed it a bit, but the models were extremely hit or miss on sculpt quality. I hope they do well post Kickstarter though.

    • Right- the good thing was that they were pretty open about using other model lines in the game. You should see about revisiting them.

  • grimbergen

    With every preview from Grindhouse I’m getting less and less interested with how little the concept art reflect the actual minis.

    So far it looks like they’re using the same metal sculpts for the plastics so with these artwork pieces that not only have a different style than the sculpts they also have no relation on the pose of the mini.