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Grindhouse Games posts up Incursion game play video

Grindhouse Games has posted up a game play video for their new version of Incursion over on their Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

100k! Right on! That's a pretty neat milestone. In celebration, John and I have rearranged the stretch goals just a smidgen to push some of the specialist troop freebies closer to the event horizon. We want to ensure that this is a one and done for absolute completists so that any reasonably possible combination of forces in any mission you choose gets covered in plastic at the higher pledge levels. Furthermore, you'll note the super fun Zombie Bombardier pack as a freebie sitting in the 170k slot for Buckets of Blood. Finally, the free plastic door upgrade for Incursion is locked in at 200k. Best we can do. We can probably getthem into SNAFU as well at 205k. Maybe even 203k :-)

We'll fill in a few more items between 170 and 200 as the campaign moves forward. Plastic drop troopers are out around 250 but we can likely do metal very soon as an add-on. Waiting for John Allison art.

MOVIE! Grab yourself some popcorn and a cold one and kick back to watch an explanatory full game of Incursion played by John and Miguel in HD right here: