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Grindhouse Games posts Incursion box contents photo and talks about distribution channels

Grindhouse Games shows off the box contents for the upcoming Incursion set as well as talks about how they see distribution of the game to work after their Kickstarter.

From the update:

Incursion will not be offered through big distribution this time around. We're not playing that game anymore. It's a broken system that just crushes the little guy. We will also not be offering this up through discount online retailers of any kind so that they can undercut the community-building retailers who do want to carry our game.

Incursion will be available from select brick and mortar retailers, West Wind, our online store, and from us at conventions and stuff. We do not plan to produce very many more copies than we need as pledge rewards. Again, not playing that game. The goal of this campaign is to get the game with as many freebies as possible into the hands of as many fans as possible, not having to buy a forklift to manage a warehouse full of stock that we're making pennies a copy on.

We will be creating a special Brick and Mortar pledge level. A pledge by a qualified business will gain that business limited access to all exclusive items in the campaign. If you want your local store to carry Incursion, you'd best start bugging them now.
You want Incursion? Best get ready for the Kickstarter because it's not going to show up out there in the discount stores.

Incursion retail price: $100
SNAFU retail price: $60