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Grindhouse Games posts Incursion Assets cover art

Grindhouse Games gives us a look at the Incursion Assets cover art in this preview.


From the preview:

We're still nailing down the Backerkit. I guess I was premature when I said 48 hours a week ago . This stuff is complicated. I think we're very very close. In the interim, I thought I would share this with you all. The rulebooks for SNAFU and Incursion are 8-1/2" x11". John Allison has the new covers for those created and they are variants of their respective box art. We are also doing an 8-1/2 x11" "Assets" book which will contain all the extra rules and background for exclusive characters, Drop Trooper rules and background, some fluff, and the Sub Pen missions, plus whatever else we feel like putting in it. Should be fun! The preliminary cover art is posted below.