Grindhouse Games launches Incursion Kickstarter campaign

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Aug 1st, 2013

Grindhouse Games launched their Kickstarter campaign for the 2nd edition of the Incursion board game.

From the campaign:

Hi there! Thanks for checking us out.My name is Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games and I’m asking for your help to fund a proper re-launch of our Indy hit board game, Incursion, with all the plastic components and whistles and bells that we couldn’t afford to do the first time around because of the massive up-front capital it required. I’m going to just jump into the meat of this thing because I know that’s what you all are really interested in :-). If you’d like to read more about our team, the game, and our history, you can scroll on down to the bottom of this page. Let’s have some fun…

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  • joshuar56

    I think they’ve overestimated the value of their product, and the price their fanebase is willing to pay for it. $275 for the “get everything” pledge? Madness. I can’t see this project breaking 200k.

    • Gallahad

      I don’t think so. The $275 pledge gets you two boardgames (base+ expansion) in plastic plus a ton of components plus freebies. The $100 pledge gets you the base game plus freebies.

      A $100 entry point is comparable to many similar games (if not on the lower end considering that these will be ‘miniatures’ and not game pawns).

      • joshuar56

        You might not think so, but the vast majority of comments I’ve seen have been “too expensive”.

      • grimbergen

        $100 entry point is ok for a brand new game where you’re paying for artists and sculptors, and while this is a reprint with possibly better materials quality, it doesn’t looks like gameplay or artwork are changing — which granted is a matter of personal taste.

        So then you have this issue: owners of the game already will have little incentive to buy again unless they don’t have the minis already or really want the plastic minis; or for new players, the wow factor is just not there.

    • Veritas

      Grindhouse should have looked at Myth. I think that was the best run boardgame KS I’ve yet seen. This just doesn’t look worth it for $275.

  • PanzerKraken

    For that price I would have expected a much better reworking of the game, such as making it a modular game board for more variety. First game was a so so space hulk like game, but the component quality was awful. I would pray they really upgrade the games quality for these prices.

  • Too expensive but much less expensive than before.

  • I don’t think $100 is too expensive, but maybe some early birds at $90 would have been better.

    I’ve got the original game, without SNAFU, and there isn’t really anything that’s enticing me to jump into this game. Which is a shame.

    • I thought maybe $80 would be my choice, as it’s not $100, so cheaper, until I got this…SNAFU game board poster.

      I don’t want a poster of the game board. I want the game board. Did I miss something?

  • Ghost

    Something about that overly sexualised Gretel character really puts me off the whole game.

    Of course everyone loves German sideboob dominatrix women in corsets and suspenders holding a riding crop… but does Grindhouse actually think we are so pathetic and sexually frustrated that this is needed to sell a boardgame? Then again I may form the minority here as a healthy middle-aged male 😛
    I understand there is some kind of confused genre at work but I don’t think we need this.

    • Sideboob? She’s got a shirt on. Her derriere on the other hand…

      • Grim6

        I was talking about Incursion with a friend, and had to add in the caveat that the new box cover is not family friendly. If I end up sticking with it, I might put it all in my old box, especially if I want to let my kids play.

        I can’t help but feel that the number of people put off by new cover out weighs the number who will be sold by it.

        • Lucas Blackwolf

          Yeah, gods forbid your children see parts of human body! Can’t imagine how terrible that would be, when all they’d like to do would be sit down for some good ‘ol family friendly brain-bashing Nazi zombie fun.

          Chill people, there will be a set of stickers with the box to dress the lady more properly for her commendable undertaking of killing people.

          • Ghool

            Yeah, a game about killing and war is fine. But god forbid should one of the characters be wearing something revealing.

          • Barret

            @lucas, @ghool I was thinking the exact same thing.

          • Grim6

            I have two young daughters. Zombies and Power Armor are clearly make-believe. To say this game is about war and killing is ridiculous. We’re not talking about A Farewell to Arms here. Nazi Zombies. Power Armor. Even my kids can understand that.

            On the other hand, over-sexualization of women is very real. As a father, I will do what I see fit to protact my daughters from it, which includes being selective about what I tactily endorse by purchasing. From talking to other gaming parents, I am not alone in this concern. Thanks.

          • joshuar56

            Seems like you’re confusing sexualized with over-sexualized. I don’t see the issue with the art. I could see someone trying to find something wrong with it having an issue however.
            Also, if you are honestly worried about your children, then they shouldn’t be playing a game that trivializes firearms so much. That is much more dangerous than the female body.

          • Grim6

            Actually, I’d be more confortable with my daughters knowing how to shoot a gun than knowing how to dress like a dominatrix.

          • Gallahad

            You are not alone Grim6. I appreciate seeing that there are other folks like you (and me!) out there.

          • Grim6

            Thanks! Interestingly enough, the current topic of the KS comments thread (which I have not contributed to), seems to be people asking for toned down T-Shirts, for many of the same reason as I mentioned above.

          • Ghool

            I find it strange that teaching your daughters to use violence and firearms is preferable to seeing a woman wearing a corset and stockings?

            I’d rather my daughter lived her fantasies in the bedroom than learned to kill things with a gun. I see open sexuality as a much preferable alternative to violence in any form.

          • How about reading the label that says “R 18+”. If you want to play this game with your kids – it’s completely on you and it’s your responsibility to make sure your kids are not exposed to inappropriate stuff. Whether it’s about violence or sexuality is not the point.

          • Ghost

            The stickers are a good idea. I’ve already been put off but I appreciate Grindhouse offering a ‘tone it down ffs’ option.

            Back to the hot topic, I’ll alienate everyone;

            (1) there’s a big difference between assertive proclamation of sexuality and exploitation – understanding can be achieved by analysing the context. On the cover of a boardgame? In the bedroom? Tell me that you understand there’s a difference (not just limited to good taste, although that should be sufficient).

            (2) deciding as a father that your daughters should learn to use firearms but should not grow up to be a dominatrix is not the best parenting. If you honestly care for their happiness and want to nurture THEIR interests so they grow up to be healthy happy responsible adults you’ll let them tell you what their interests are. Or you could just be all judgey and righteous because that’s going to work when they become adolescents (sarcasm, you’ll be getting a lot of that as a father in a few years – good luck!).

          • Ghool

            I let my kids decide what they like.
            But yeah, this is obviously not a family game, considering it has an 18+ warning on the front of the box.

            So complaining about how the artwork is inappropriate for children is kind of a moot point.

          • Ghost

            I’m not sure your reply was intended for my post

  • Also, according to Jim Bailey the quality of the printed stuff will be improved drastically :

    “We’ve learned. The game will be manufactured by either Panda or Ludo Fact. We’ll do linen embossing on surfaces. All high end stuff.”

    As far as I’m concerned the deal appears fairly reasonnable to me. I’ll probably jump in.

  • grimbergen

    And seriously, the stretch goals are a joke. The increments are ridiculous for what you guys — yay, another 1 or 2 minis of sculpts already represented.

    I mean the blitzhound already has an alternate sculpt in metal, but where is it? Stretch goals are mapped to $1MIL (good luck) and no sign of it. Kicktraq is projecting $600k but I seriously doubt that… usually the first day’s surge is not sustainable so those projections are meaningless until the first week is over.

    Have some respect for the backer please.

    • I think they’re trying to have some respect for themselves too.

  • Grinhouse is a very small structure. Nothing to compare with other major KS. Keep in mind that they probably lost money with this game previous iteration. I don’t think they had the money to offer a resculpt or new sculpts from start.

    Yet the products seems to offer an interesting content for those who do not already own their minis.
    I’m part of the gamers who did not get into the game earlier because of the low quality of the product and the price of the miniatures starter boxes for the game. Tose two aspects will be fixed by this edition.

    • grimbergen

      I’m comparing them with other companies/teams that had first time KS boardgame campaigns and the #s don’t add up.

      Basically what I’m saying is, they’re charging a premium yet there’s nothing new gameplay wise, sculpts, etc.

      Especially when it comes to stretch goals. I mean seriously, how much does it cost to add 1 more plastic figure of the same sculpt with some cards? A dollar at most? Yet it’s a $25k stretch goal above the base game.

  • joshuar56

    The extra stuff in the $40 addon definitely shouldn’t be a $40 addon… If anything they should be stretch goals, and $160 should get me EVERYTHING offered. The $275 requirement is a joke.

  • Todosi

    Wow, Joshua, does anything make you happy?

    If the price is too steep for you, fine, don’t back the project, but no need to bash a tiny company who is trying to get their game made. This is not a CMON kickstarter, this is a company that really needs the funds to make it happen. If it is too rich for your blood, feel free to wait until it releases in retail outlets.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      Joshua is a CMON boy through and through. Normal companies with normal resources offering normal deals are “jokes”. I wonder if he’s going to be doing the hilarious routine of pledging a dollar and then trolling the comments section again.

      • Lemminkaeinen

        Oh wow, just checked and sure enough he’s there doing it already. Why am I not surprised?

    • joshuar56

      Now here come the usual fan boys who don’t think you should be able to voice an opinion…

      • joshuar56

        Also, I seriously doubt either of you even understand how CMoN even works.

  • Major_Gilbear

    I was fairly sure I read somewhere that Grindhouse were going to include an option for “models and new stuff only”, so that those who already had the game(s) could upgrade their copies. Now that the KS is up though, I see no such option.

    Sadly, I have no real interest in the metal models as they are too delicate/expensive/heavy for a boardgame where I just want to chuck the models back into the box at the end of the game, and not need a figure case or such in addition to the board game box. Sure, I could stick with the card standees, but it does rather suck visually. =0/

  • joshuar56

    Looks like the game hit the wall faster than I thought, it might struggle to even hit 200k. If it didn’t already have a customer base I’d say it probably wouldn’t have even hit funding.