Grindhouse Game’s Incursion Kickstarter adds new pledge levels and add ons

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
Aug 5th, 2013

Grindhouse Games has added on some new pledge levels and add-ons to their Incursion Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

2 new pledge levels

SNAFU- includes SNAFU, Exclusive Gretel figure (plastic), and applicable freebies/upgrades (per Double Feature), shipped to your door in the USA.
$60 +$30 shippingoutside USA
OG in Plastic-just like Metalhead, but in plastic.
$65 + $30 shipping outside USA

Buckets of Blood allows switch of Exclusives to metal if you want that for some reason. Can’t change the language of the pledge level but this is official.

New add-ons:
SNAFU $60. Add $30 for shipping outside USA
APE Set- Ape set from Incursion in plastic. No cards. $25
Incursion core figures- Ape set plus Gretel, Ilsa, Hans, 2x Bomberzombie, Blitzhund in plastic. No cards. $40
SNAFU core figures- MI-13 set including Gracie, Panzeraffe, Drohne, Bazooka APE in plastic. No cards $40

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  • jedijon

    I’m pretty sure I don’t even begin to understand their “Plastichead” pledge level.

    Want this 4 cheap – but it’s way too confusing, and doesn’t seem cheap either. Hmm. Easy choice then! That’s Descent 2E I’ve been waiting to get.

    • joshuar56

      I definitely plan on saving myself the money. $275 to get everything, is crazy expensive. And now the creators are restructuring the stretch goals to make them more attainable, because the project didn’t take off like they thought it would. If they could always afford to do this that proves to me that they were just trying squeeze that much more out of their customer base, and misjudged how greedy they could be.

  • grimbergen

    Well just like I posted when this launched — their original goals/plans were ridiculous.

    Now they’ve scaled back their stretch goals from $25k to $5k increments. Barely acceptable for 1 plastic figure of rehashed sculpts.

    So if they can make do with the same stretch goals at $5k, then what was the deal when they first launched? Trying to pull a fast one on their backers?

    • joshuar56

      If you point that out you’re a troll though…

      • PanzerKraken

        People call you a troll because you are one. You have a wonderful history on KS

        • joshuar56

          Keep talking out your ass.

          • Lemminkaeinen

            I have pledged on maybe a dozen or so Kickstarters and the only person that I have truly noticed is you. Because you seem to come to all non-CMON kickstarters to troll the comments. Seriously, I don’t know, maybe you somehow don’t realize what you’re doing, but let me assure you that that is what you are doing.

          • +1.

            It is one thing to be a critical consumer, it is another to externalize your personal issues by going out of the way to bash as many crowd-funding projects as possible, just because they don’t grant the same cost-benefit-ratio as the Zombicide KS.

            Trolls aside, this project could be run better, especially since the product is NOT a no-brainer but actually has to make a stand in a very competitive market.

            I assume they did not make much money with the first edition of Incursion due to under-estimated sales discounts they had to give to shops, and that they now want to be sure to make some (deserved) profit by giving more conservative prices.

            People often don’t understand how much MORE money and energy it costs a newcomer/underdog to bring out a high quality product than a big player with assets as security and a big standing in the market. CMoN and Sandy Petersen have very different possibilities than Grindhouse Games, and that reflects in the stretch-goals.

            This does not negate the KS’ “mistakes” short-comings but it should be kept in mind when making a judgement.

          • …forgot a “/” in the last paragraph.

          • joshuar56

            Name them, let’s see some quotes. Besides Escape (who I did troll intentionally, but only after their crazed fan boys jumped on my after asking some honest questions). Please, show me all these KS that I’ve been so out of control on…

  • BlazeXI

    Only the first increment is 5k. After that it is 10 and 15k. Still considering pledging.

  • grimbergen

    OK I still don’t get why people don’t feel this is a valid comparison to Zombicide.

    When CMoN started the Zombicide KS foray it was their first actual product beyond the little webshop selling other peoples’ minis (and many an occasional LE made for them). As far as I can tell Guillotine was also in the same boat — they have some writers/designers from Rackham but it doesn’t look like any “pros” on the biz or production side.

    Whereas Grindhouse HAS actually published the game already. I don’t dispute they may have lost money on it, but they’re basically looking for the same funding as a brand new game that needs to pay for new artwork, new sculpts, etc.

    Now this may be to recoup the costs for those the first time around, but that was years ago and it just seems underhanded.

    Again I’m comparing them with other first time publishers who look for the similar funding levels but are nearly starting from scratch.

    And I’ll admit again, I’m not an Incursion hater. I have and love all the metal minis. I never got the boardgame due to the board artwork and some other production points which they’re actually not addressing this time, and that’s the reason I’m not very satisfied with the way they’re looking for massive funding but doing the bare minimum.

    • Helljin

      I don’t know enough about Cmon to give an accurate representation of how they ran their first Kickstarter but I’ll take a shot at providing information about Grindhouse/Incursion.

      From my understanding Grindhouse is run by Jim Bailey and John Roberts as a side business, they both have full time employment outside of the gaming industry this isn’t their bread and butter.

      I met Jim at a comicbook show a few years ago when I was visiting San Antonio where he was promoting Snafu and selling metal Incursion mini’s. I asked him why metal and not plastic mini’s and he told me the cost of plastic molds is astronomical when compared to metal. If I recall the number correctly a decent metal mold can be made for less than $500 and a decent plastic mold can be 10x that amount or more.

      He was a nice guy to chat with and I picked up a copy of Snafu from him at the show. I left and walked around for awhile when I passed by his both again he ran over to me and gave me a couple of metal mini’s I was supposed to get with the copy of Snafu. He left me with the impression of a nice guy who wants people to enjoy his game and mini’s. I also got the impression that nobody was going to be retiring anytime soon off Grindhouse Games profits.

      I really like Incursion and Snafu, I really hate Kickstarter. I am on the fence on whether or not to support this. I don’t think the did a great job of launching their Kickstarter. I find it a bit confusing and pricey. I also see Grindhouse listening and responding to the supporters and wannabe supporters and are adjusting their campaign.

      Most of the pointless complaining I see is from backers with a serious case of Kickstarter entitlement that seems coming up more and more lately with any game that launches.

      Kickstarter isn’t a preorder system where you can pay MSRP for a game and get a bunch of extras, it’s a financing system where you are thanked with a game, assuming the game ever gets produced.

      I would rather back Grindhouse with a proven solid game than most of the stuff that has been Kickstarted.

      • Although it may not be a pre-order system, lawyers are now recommending saying that shipments, and products, from Kickstarters, aren’t gifts nor are they investments. They are saying the KS items are actual pre-order for actual product.

        • Helljin

          Who’s lawyers?

          I don’t disagree with that suggestion, I think as you see more problems and out right failures on Kickstarter, backers are going to look for more consumer protection.

          • Soulfinger

            More like accountants. It would be for tax purposes.

        • Bobofreak


  • Major_Gilbear

    …Wow, that’s a lot of money if you already have the game and just want the new stuff/plastics to upgrade your set from the card standees! If I have this right, then it’s:

    “Plastichead” Pledge Level ($65)
    Sturmzombie Pack ($25)
    Incursion Core Miniatures ($40)
    SNAFU Core Miniatures ($40)

    = $170 Total, without shipping. (Which is easily another $30 for a lot of people).

    That’s just to update the rules and add plastic figs to existing sets! And I’m not even sure if you would be short of Blitzhunds of Bomberzombies (I think you get two and four respectively in the card-only set?)

    I’m glad that the option is at least available now, but I don’t know why there isn’t an “upgrade” pledge level? It’s kind a obvious, and all pledgers contribute to the overall goal anyway.

    I have the game, and it’s great. I like the Grindhouse guys, and I want to support them. But that is waaay too much money to spend on essentially making my existing game prettier, and adding a couple of card decks/rules pamphlets. Sorry guys. =0(

    • Helljin

      That works out to $2.80 a mini for $170.00, I don’t know if that pricey or not. The mini’s are 25mm scale from the sounds of it and already assembled.

      Less if you take into account the non-mini components of Plastichead and any Strech Goals that may or may not be reached. As I typed this I checked and saw the first stretch goal has been reached.

    • Helljin

      As Iook at it some more, you would probably be better off the $160 level and adding the $25 Sturmzombie Pack. You paying $15 more but you get Incursion and Snafu complete. Which defeats the purpose of just wanting to upgrade the game you already have.

      • Major_Gilbear

        Well, you get 61 miniatures with what I listed above.

        For those of us who have to pay shipping, that works out at $3.28 a figure.

        That’s not a bad cost per model at all, but for board game pieces (rather than real hard-plastic miniatures), that’s really very high IMO.

        If I understand the purpose of this KS correctly, then it is to update and upgrade the Incursion game into a better product, and to provide an attractive and complete (as in, with miniatures) game for the future, possibly comparable to something put out by Fantasy Flight Games.

        So far, many who have supported are existing players, and the bulk of the game is also existing Therefore, most of the “new” costs are for the plastic figures I imagine? Given that, it seems ludicrous to me that you wouldn’t try and tempt as much funding as possible through the lure of said figures.

        Anyway, it’s Grindhouse’s KS, and not mine, so I guess it’s up to them to decide whether they want to tempt people like me to pledge or not.