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Grindhouse Game's Incursion Kickstarter adds new pledge levels and add ons

Grindhouse Games has added on some new pledge levels and add-ons to their Incursion Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

2 new pledge levels

SNAFU- includes SNAFU, Exclusive Gretel figure (plastic), and applicable freebies/upgrades (per Double Feature), shipped to your door in the USA.
$60 +$30 shippingoutside USA
OG in Plastic-just like Metalhead, but in plastic.
$65 + $30 shipping outside USA

Buckets of Blood allows switch of Exclusives to metal if you want that for some reason. Can't change the language of the pledge level but this is official.

New add-ons:
SNAFU $60. Add $30 for shipping outside USA
APE Set- Ape set from Incursion in plastic. No cards. $25
Incursion core figures- Ape set plus Gretel, Ilsa, Hans, 2x Bomberzombie, Blitzhund in plastic. No cards. $40
SNAFU core figures- MI-13 set including Gracie, Panzeraffe, Drohne, Bazooka APE in plastic. No cards $40