Grindhouse Games in final days for Incursion on Kickstarter, breaks through another stretch goal

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 26th, 2013

Grindhouse Games is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter. They’ve just broken through their $120k stretch goal but can hopefully go even higher.

From the update:

John and I have been digging deep. I think we’re all the way to China at this point 🙂 As we’ve said, the goal of this campaign is to get as much done as possible without causing us to have to borrow more money. We’ve been cautious to date as experience has taught us we need to be. We’re not a big game company with a fat cash reserve sitting around. We’ve cut out all the fat now and are committed to getting our own cash contributions to this KS development reimbursed down the road at retail. As of this moment, the AWESOME new stretch chart reflects the best we can do. We’re taking a little risk on the stuff past 165k, thinking we can make it up on the backside. The personal risk for us is biggest at the 200k level plastic drop troopers but we’re willing to accept that. Buckets of Blood: we hear you. There needs to be some more value for some of you who don’t want board and t-shirt (silly kids!). We are doing three things beyond what we have already done, effective now:

1. You may exceed the amount of the items you are switching out and make up the difference by adding to your pledge.

2. You may now include the poster as one of your switch-outs in the calculus. If you wish to switch for JUST the t-shirt, we’ll allow you to switch it out even-steven. Please don’t make that statement more complicated than it is. Extra ten dollars, blah, blah, blah 🙂

3. We have just unlocked the Zombie Bombardier pack as a freebie for Buckets of Blood. Check out the stretch chart. It’s pretty 🙂

As we have just added close to ten thousand dollars in design cost on our end by committing to the drop troopers, we cannot allow these to be part of the switch-out at Buckets of Blood. Doors and dice are in the same situation. We’ll need to unlock them. I believe this is all possible under the current stretch chart.

Thank you all. We had some tangles initially but I believe we will finish this thing strong with your help. School starts tomorrow so I’m going to go spend a couple of hours with my family. Man they are patient with me 🙂

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  • Gallahad

    This campaign has been an interesting lesson about Kickstarter.

    • cybogoblin

      How so?

      (Genuinely curious, not having a go at you 🙂 I haven’t followed this too closely)

      • Gallahad

        This is essentially a project where the creator made very clear that he wasn’t going to be taking any risks. The crowd would fund the project completely, or not at all. He is probably putting in some of his own money (and likely not paying himself very much) but he has made clear that he is unwilling to take very much risk that generous stretch goals or rewards now will be made up for by sales down the road.

        Incursion is a pretty popular game, and is a lot of fun. It is in that sweet spot for KS projects of miniatures/board game hybrids. I think they would have raised 80% more if they would have lowered their prices by 25%.

        I should make clear that I don’t fault the designer for doing it this way. He likely has a day job and maybe he doesn’t want to dedicate the next twelve months of his life to this project. I mean he won’t even be putting the game out through retail. I don’t think he even wanted a half million dollar KS campaign, which I certainly think this could have been if the designer had been willing to really swing for the fences by betting that he could cover some funding now that would be paid back by future sales of the game.

        • Gallahad

          In fact, I bet if they had dropped their prices by 50% they would have hit a half a million easily, and tripled the number of backers. A “buckets of blood” level pledge for even $150 would have had people selling organs to pledge for multiples.

        • Sevej

          I think he did aim for million dollars campaign because the original stretch goals were up to that numbers.

          • Gallahad

            Ha! Good point. I didn’t remember how high up they went.

  • supervike

    This kickstarter is a great way to jump into this game if you missed it first time around.

    For the 100 buck level, you get the core game, which gives you enough minis to play the game, plus another 13 from the stretch goals.

    I’ve enjoyed this game for quite some time, and it’s one that I keep coming back to. I have all the metal figures, as I am more of a painter, but my buy in at that level was considerably higher.

    The add ons are really nice, but I can understand some folks being scared away at the perceived high costs of the Bucket of Blood pledge. But, one doesn’t have to have ‘everything’ to enjoy the game! Plus it’s a great ‘sandbox’ game. Making up your own missions, adding characters, etc. help give this game plenty of potential.

  • miniroll161

    I think there have been two things holding this KS back from doing as well as it could have done.

    First is the price. It seems more like a pre-order then a kickstarter. I live in the UK and to get the basic set is $100 + $30 shipping. Thats £84. most box set games sell for about £60-£70 anyway so might as well wait for general release.

    The BOB pledge level seems a little bit better value, but that brings me to the second problem with this KS and that is ‘lame/boring’ stretch goals! It needs something ‘sexy’ to get everyone excited! but all we get are an extra trooper or zombie that you already get anyway!

    Drop Troopers for BOB are just the kind of thing that would have got me to pledge, but they have been put so far up the stretch goal list that I doubt we will get them. Why not have put them at $150k? That way I think more people (me included) would have pledged for BOB as it would have seemed a much better deal. This KS would then have probably reached over £200k anyway, but at this rate I think it will be lucky to reach $175k

    Shame cause I really like the look of this game, but this KS just doesnt feel like a good deal

    • KMANT

      I agree wholeheartedly. I’d like to have backed it as it looks like my kind of game, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be much more than the Kickstarter price if it comes out to buy, so the incentive to get it now is low. Fair enough you get a few freebies, but they’re not doing enough to swing it for me sadly.

      Companies like CMON and Mantic have honed the art of tweaking Kickstarter in just the right places. Genuinely interesting stretch goals that make you look forward to checking your email to see what’s coming next.

      A by product of their generosity is that now we expect more from all similar releases and rightly so in many ways too. It’s a luxury to remove a chunk of risk with pre-order selling and therefore people expect to be rewarded appropriately. What would be an easy off the shelf purchase now has people looking at what else they get as compensation for paying up front and having to wait.

      From a Kickstarter perspective this game has certainly been a different approach. Whether it was as success or not… I guess only Grindhouse can decide. I wish them all the best either way and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the Westwind website for it popping up.

  • Major_Gilbear

    The initial buy-in for this KS is okay if you don’t have the game already. Not great, buy okay (shipping outside the US kills it though).

    If you already have the game however, there is no real reason to back this unless you love Grindhouse Games and just want to help them.

    I cannot help but think that GG could easily have raised a lot more money though if they had been a bit cleverer and tried to include everyone. Instead they played it so safe, that I doubt the second edition will do that much better than the first.

    A pity (yet again on KS) but it just goes to show what fickle creatures these campaigns are unless they are very carefully judged and managed.

  • Myrthe

    I also think that, after a year + of active Kickstarter involvement and pledges, backers are not only more savvy but also more fatigued. Many of us have built up a resistance to the free shiny bits and have realized that the initial cash outlay does not warrant the inevitable delays and frustrations as we wait for whatever game.

    YMMV, of course but this is what I see with my game group and local acquaintances. Games like Sedition Wars and Relic Knights are just two examples that have failed to live up to expectations and deliver as promised.

    • grimbergen

      The free shiny bitz is enticement still works. Look at Rivet Wars and Zcide S2 — both started after SedWar delivered and the vitriol against CMON started, yet they did quite well.