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Grindhouse Games in final days for Incursion on Kickstarter, breaks through another stretch goal

Grindhouse Games is in their final couple days over on Kickstarter. They've just broken through their $120k stretch goal but can hopefully go even higher.

From the update:

John and I have been digging deep. I think we're all the way to China at this point :-) As we've said, the goal of this campaign is to get as much done as possible without causing us to have to borrow more money. We've been cautious to date as experience has taught us we need to be. We're not a big game company with a fat cash reserve sitting around. We've cut out all the fat now and are committed to getting our own cash contributions to this KS development reimbursed down the road at retail. As of this moment, the AWESOME new stretch chart reflects the best we can do. We're taking a little risk on the stuff past 165k, thinking we can make it up on the backside. The personal risk for us is biggest at the 200k level plastic drop troopers but we're willing to accept that. Buckets of Blood: we hear you. There needs to be some more value for some of you who don't want board and t-shirt (silly kids!). We are doing three things beyond what we have already done, effective now:

1. You may exceed the amount of the items you are switching out and make up the difference by adding to your pledge.

2. You may now include the poster as one of your switch-outs in the calculus. If you wish to switch for JUST the t-shirt, we'll allow you to switch it out even-steven. Please don't make that statement more complicated than it is. Extra ten dollars, blah, blah, blah :-)

3. We have just unlocked the Zombie Bombardier pack as a freebie for Buckets of Blood. Check out the stretch chart. It's pretty :-)

As we have just added close to ten thousand dollars in design cost on our end by committing to the drop troopers, we cannot allow these to be part of the switch-out at Buckets of Blood. Doors and dice are in the same situation. We'll need to unlock them. I believe this is all possible under the current stretch chart.

Thank you all. We had some tangles initially but I believe we will finish this thing strong with your help. School starts tomorrow so I'm going to go spend a couple of hours with my family. Man they are patient with me :-)