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Grim Dice Game Up On Kickstarter

Grim Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Grim, their new dice game.
In the game, you and your friends wake up nearly dead (... seems fitting for a Monday morning...). The Grim Reaper is there (no word on if he has a Jamaican accent, but if you ever play this game with me, he will) to collect your souls and take them to the other side. However, you don't really want to go, and must convince Grim to take one of your friends instead of you.

In the box

Grim is a "push your luck" style dice game where you're trying to get rid of your Grim tokens. During your turn, you roll three 6-sided dice. There are three different symbols on them. Red is a strike. 3 Strikes and your turn ends. Blue is Frozen. Once a die is Frozen on your turn, you can't reroll it anymore. Green lets you turn one of your Grim tokens in. Or, instead, you can collect sets of 3 (over the course of a couple turns if you want), in order to draw a Grim card. They have all sorts of different abilities on them to either help you get rid of more tokens, or hinder your opponent from doing so. You want to roll green. When someone has gotten rid of all their tokens, they face off against Grim, himself, in one last showdown. If they win, then... well... they win. If not, they go back to the beginning with 10 Grim tokens to try again.

The campaign is closing in on 5x funded and still has 17 days left to go on the clock.