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Gridiron PowerRun On Indiegogo

The NFL Draft was held recently. Lots of people are excited about the upcoming season. Many of those people are also gamers. If you want to have another tabletop football game, check out Gridiron PowerRun. It's a real-time, dexterity game that's over on Indiegogo now.

From the campaign:
We love games. We love the game. What better combination to bring you this awesome , new, unique game that brings awesome game play and great-looking pieces together! Play by yourself, or play with a friend - its a game thats perfect for any football fan's rec room or tailgate party.

Gridiron PowerRun (GP) is a table game much like Foosball but for American Football except in GP you control free-moving pieces on the table. Because of the GP table's rounded bottom, you do this by simply tilting the table around and the pieces move, its really that simple to maneuver.

The pieces are rigged with a propulsion mech that allows them to move forward and turn when the table is tilted. Just hold the handles and tilt the table, and make the pieces 'run' around the field. Its very intuitive gameplay.

The campaign's running now and is set to go for another month.