Grey Knights available for pre-order

By tgn_admin
In 40K
Mar 9th, 2011

Games Workshop have added the first releases for the 40K Grey Knights army to the Advance Orders page.


  • Zac

    Holy heck, that Dreadknight is amazing.

    • Doc

      I notice that it is currently without a price…

      • Zac

        $64.50 in Canada. $13 more than in the US. Seems that the days of bizarre Canadian prices are once again with us.

        • Doc

          wow… they REALLY do want us to shop south of the border!

          • Zac

            Just like the bad old days.

          • cybogoblin

            $105 in NZ, just over three times the cost. Particularly galling when the actual exchange rate is much closer to 2:1.

            It’s no wonder so many of us shop overseas.

    • Zac

      To expand on my own comments, I actually like the model with the gatling cannon better. THe hammer and sword are nice but the dual weapons and the huge gatling gun are pretty impressive.

      The pilot definitely needs a helmet though. Why put him in all that armour to leave his head exposed?

      From looking at the sprues the pilot appears to be a distinct piece so it might be an easy job to convert this into an Ork Mega Dred

      • PanzerKraken

        The advance order page for the Dread Knight shows the pilot with helmet in one picture, so it has swappable heads.

  • Nice model, but it really doesn’t fit with the established Imperium technology look-and-feel.

    • Doc

      ah, but GKs are “special”!

    • Grim6

      It’s about like what I imagined the pre-Heresy Mechanicum Knights (from the Heresy series book, Mechanicum) would look like. Maybe they found an STC?

      But I do agree, it’s a change from the more medieval aesthetic of say, the dreadnoughts. It almost looks anime-ish, maybe a little Appleseed Landmate in there?

      • The Mechanicum Knight hit me right away when I saw this kit. Armor over the pilot and you should be good to go.

        I may just pick one up and try it. πŸ™‚

    • nighthaunter666

      isn’t it quite similar in style to the witch hunters penitent engine?
      so does fit with the previous ordo tech, but bumped up to grey knight standards.

      • Zac

        Well it is similar in that it is the same basic concept but the Penitent Engine is a bit smaller, metal and doesn’t have the enclosed limbs. Or the extra bitz.

    • Zac

      As Nighthaunter mentions, it is similar in structure to the Penitent Engine but just bigger and better.

      It might be a piece of technology that was developed for or save for the Grey Knights.

      It does look a bit too good though but maybe Doc is right and the Grey Knights are “special”.

      With all the new tech coming out in the last few years you wonder what happened to the “old” Imperium where they were losing technology at a startling rate

      • cybogoblin

        They also appear to have secured the services of the Jokaero (sp), so it is possible those clever space monkeys were able to make some ‘upgrades’ for them.

  • Looks a heck of a lot better than I thought it was going to from the blurry image that was going through the forums.

    I wish the hammer was just a smidge larger though. Even though it’s as tall as the Grey Knight inside, it looks a bit small in the Dread Knight’s hands.
    Maybe it’s just the viewing angle.

  • Looks nice. I’m a bit disappointed that you only get 5 Grey Knights in that box. I was really hoping for 10.

  • Damned nice minis. Extremely tempted to get back into 40K just to use these minis!

  • I feel GW has been slipping a bit. I don’t care for the Dread-matrix walker or the flying dumpster. I do like the termies though…

    • Doc

      the flying dumpster is fixable! not putting that vent on the top makes it look a lot better.

  • leaxe

    grey knights without helmets are easy targets. Heroic but even a lousy ork might have a lucky shot. πŸ™‚

    I like it. Finally this is as tall as I imagine a dreadnought to be. Not thos stocky ones that would fall over at their first step.

    • lordbubonicus (David)

      Heh, I know what you mean. I saw the helmetless pilot and wondered what they were thinking. Fortunately it looks as though there is also a helmeted head on the sprue, so you can eliminate the weakpoint.

      • Helmetless warriors are a very small conceit of 40K. Consider that the Imperium exists because it conveniently sidesteps General Relativity. It’s only a fundamental law of the universe. At least going helmetless in battle is plausible. πŸ™‚

  • lordbubonicus (David)

    The dreadknight is interesting – I’m not sure what I think of it. I like the options that are in the set, and I feel that they picked the combination of parts that shows off the model in the worst light – the sword looks much better than the hammer in my opinion, as do either of the other guns (particularly the gatling!)

    As for the rest of the range, it’s interesting that they haven’t felt the need to particularly update the aesthetic of the Grey Knights. They’re essentially just the old metals converted into plastic as far as I can tell, but with the more dynamic poses that that brings. I am pleased that they’ve given both single handed and double handed stance options for the swords and halberds. Much better than the rather static metal models of the previous set.

  • I think it is neat will be a big seller and am so happy it is not covered in skulls — I am finding the bitz alone useful I really cant wait to see what players do for conversions.

    It really does not fit in with imperial tech but still cool

  • Nocturnus

    I feel somewhat under-whelmed by this release. The models look okay, though nothing spectacular. The price for the 5 Power Armor guys is ridiculous, and the Dreadknight looks like a Transformer. As a big fan of the Inquisition and Daemonhunters, I am a bit disappointed. Cheers.

  • the Paper Warrior

    It’s so weird that half of the 40k armies are Space Marines. It just seems like the same guys wearing new kneepads. Where are all the super cool alien armies they could be making? Where are the lizard men with lazerguns and the vegetable monsters with bazookas?

    • Zac

      It’s so weird that half of the 40k armies are Space Marines.

      They sell in big, big numbers.

  • I’m not really impressed with the Dreadknight. Looks like the suits from the Matrix mixed with Optimus Prime. While that should be awesome; this just ain’t doing it for me. An exposed pilot? Really? That guy’s just a target.

    And the Grey Knights themselves look alright except for that silly magazine sticking out the side of the guns on their arms. Seriously; that was a poor design choice. The ammo box the Termies have looks much better, the magazines just look awkward and kinda’ dumb. And let’s not even get into prices.

  • MadNes

    Was gonna wait for the new necron codex… Imma do this army instead

    • Zac

      I’m still holding off until I see what they do to the Necrons.

      • cybogoblin

        Are the Necrons the next 40k release? Would that mean that the next two books are Tomb Kings and Necrons?

        I predict very interesting times ahead.

  • The dread knight looks a hell of a lot like the giant terminator robot from Terminator Salvation×499_super.jpg But apart from looking a bit derivative I really like the look of the crazy thing, it’s a far more aesthetically pleasing design than the recent flying dumpster, and like others have said looks pretty cool with the giant gatling gun. Oh and speaking of over the boarder prices, the kit is $90 in Australia, $55 for the troops and $74 for the terminators.

  • I feel like I’m on the anti-GW bandwagon, but I really am just not impressed with anything GW have been releasing lately. It all just seems so, similar. Sure it’s bigger, it’s badder and what not, but artistically it just feels like the same stuff we’ve come to expect again and again.

    For me, it’s hard to get excited anymore about GW releases. Is that a bad thing?

    Also, the prices for Australia is horrid. They’re doing nothing but hurting the local stores. No one at my club shops locally anymore, everyone gets it from Wayland or Maelstrom because of the price gouge we suffer.

    • Zac

      For me, it’s hard to get excited anymore about GW releases. Is that a bad thing?

      Nope. Just saves you money you can spend on Dystopian Wars, Malifaux, MERCS or some other company πŸ™‚

  • Dude

    They got Ripley’s exo-suit? Shouldn’t that be used against Tyranids?

  • Sevej

    I think this is a pretty interesting release. Especially the Grey Knights box set. Many people don’t like its price point, but the box set actually contains a good number of options for 4 units in the codex (unlike, say… the space marines who needs Dev squad box and metal vets to do the same).

    It’s probably GW’s new approach to make plastic viable for less purchased armies.

  • cannondaddy

    Grey Knights were my first 40K Army (Slaves to Darkness list). I’m not very fond of the DreadKnight, but I think it might be a little better with a helmeted pilot and not painted in NMM.

  • Nightbee

    The dark elves seemed like a move toward more “modern” miniature aesthetics, whereas this just feels like a huge step backward. The Dreadknight has nothing going for it except its size, and the actual Grey Knights are as boring as possible. The placard things on the Terminators shoulders are the closest thing to an interesting detail, but they also look quite awkward.

  • Osbad

    I like the fact that GW are daring at last to bring out new designs for models. This last couple of weeks has seen what for me are 2 of the most interesting new models they have produced in decades: the giant spider and now this big mech walker. After years of them bashing away at the same old memes it is pleasant to see a little broadening of the designs they release. Even if giant spiders and mechs aren’t exactly new concepts to the wider world of fantasy and sci-fi.

  • haywire

    Although the aesthetics have not changed, they are offering a ton of extras. Granted you are only working with the 5 greyknight bodies, you are getting options for different figures. backpacks, heavy weapons, nemisis weapons and swords, etc… which you can add to other marines

    • Zac

      IIRC the basic box can be used to make four different types of squads.

  • ScoutII

    While the plastic PA and Terminator boxes are nice – the Dreadknight…I’ve gone back and looked at a half dozen times now…

    And I don’t like it at all. This thing is supposed to be used to fight greater daemons in hand to hand combat – the pilot would be hard pressed to do a simple task like step over a barricade.

    What bothers me the most though is this:

    There are even two different heads and ball-and-socket arm joints to ensure plenty of different poses, meaning that no two Dreadknights should ever look the same.

    So, why do the three examples they show all look the same? Bigger models, you would think that they might have at least put a joint in the knees to allow for an actual change in poses. A joint in the elbows would have allowed more dynamic arm positioning. Just not very impressed at all with the new Shiney Marines.

    • Zac

      So, why do the three examples they show all look the same?

      Probably so they show off as much of the model as possible

      • ScoutII

        Nah – if you look at the sprues…you have two legs and two arms. Without cutting them up – it is as dynamic as posing a Barbie Doll.

        A knee joint and an elbow joint would have made the whole thing a lot more versatile.

        • cybogoblin

          And, sadly, a bit more complex than might fit on two sprues.

          I agree that joints would have been better – look at the Sentinals – but it might just not have been an option this time.

          • ScoutII

            3 frames – but still.

            Not really more complex. Take a look at how it actually all connects up. There aren’t pistons or anything going from the thigh to the shin. There is a hose that connects the upper arm to the forearm. It is already separate.

            Now, the sword might have needed to have been shortened from 4 inches to 3 1/2 inches…but it would still should fit.