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Grey Gnome Games launches Of Dungeons Deep Kickstarter

Grey Gnome Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Of Dungeons Deep, their new card game of fantasy fun.

Of Dungeons Deep


From the campaign:

The creators of numerous successful Kickstarters, including Four Tribes and Dig Down Dwarf, bring you a new blind bidding and deck-building dungeon delving card game. Of Dungeons Deep! is a fusion of many mechanics and was inspired by such games as Smash Up!, Dungeon Raiders, Cutthroat Caverns, and Friday and is set in an amazingly illustrated world that is whimsical, with just a touch of darkness. Of Dungeons Deep! takes a brave new look at a classic theme, is easy to learn, and employs simultaneous play which equates to almost zero downtime for players!

We are proud to announce that ALL the artwork for Of Dungeons Deep! has been commissioned by the fabulous Derek Bacon. Mr. Bacon has worked on such titles as Tower, Baldrick's Tomb, and Smash Monster Rampage. His style is both playful and edgy, and we feel it is the perfect match for the game. Plus his name is BACON so...