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Grenzer Games Launches Sector Commander: WWII Kickstarter

Grenzer Games just launched their Kickstarter campaign for Sector Commander: WWII, their new strategic board game. Players are in control of either the Axis or the Allies and must march their armies across the board in order to secure locations and root out the enemy. Terrain factors in heavily, as each space on the board can only support so many types of units on it at a time. It's not as simple as "walk forward and fire."
The campaign is set to run for another 34 days.

From the campaign:

We are here to get our amazing WWII strategy board game, Sector Commander, out into the world for all to enjoy. It combines elements of card games, board games and war games all in one package that is quick to learn and challenging to master. Using decks of unique Combat Cards to supplement your actions and randomly chosen objective points no two games are alike, with hundreds of variations of board layout, deck composition, objectives and forces.

Over a year in play testing and two years of development, we have reached the point where it's ready for the wider world to play. If our play testers are any gauge we think you will really love Sector Commander, so we just need your help to get it produced in its full glory.