Grenadier Productions announce Napoleonic Wargaming in South America; Volume 2

Grenadier Productions have announced the second volume, with accompanying 15mm miniatures, in their Napoleonic Wargaming in South America series.

From their website:

In Development
“The Adventures of the British and Irish Legions”

Game the history of the foreign legionnairs who fought for South American Independence. This book introduces skirmish and company scale scenarios to the Liberators! catalog. Mike Broadbent currently working on new miniatures to support this book.

In Development
“Liberators! Napoleonic Wargaming in South America; Volume 2, The War in the North”

The long awaited second full volume of Liberators! material is currently in the process of being written and developed. Follow the exploits of Simon Bolivar, Antonio Jose Sucre, Santiago Marin?o and other Patriot leaders as they struggle to gain independence from Spain against foes such as Pablo Morillo, Tomas Morales and the dreaded Tomas Boves. Entirely new material including llaneros, British mercenaries and Spanish regulars; 12 new scenarios, history, uniforms, army organizations and much, much more.

Coming Soon
A revamped, new look website. After a short break with the completion of “Volume 1, The War in the South” and the associated miniatures range I am working on a whole array of new and exciting Liberators! projects.