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Grenadier add Llaneros/Peasants range

Grenadier Productions have added the first releases in a new range of 15mm Llanero/Peasant figures. Llanero/Peasant Infantry From their website:
These are troops without regular uniforms. These troops can be used for just about anything. Use these troops for Llanero for both sides in all years. Use for Patriot Venezuelan/Gran Colombian forces between 1813 and 1819. Use for Gran Colombian forces outside of Bolivar or Sucre's command from 1810-1824. Can also be used as either Patriot or Royalist militia for any year. Use these troops in conjunction with Gaucho and Infernales cavalry to form Patriot Alto Peru/Bolivian "Republiqueta" forces between 1811 and 1825.
Llanero/Peasant Infantry (no Command) $9.00 12 figures in 8 poses; 4 poses with muskets, 4 poses with spears/lances. Use these figures for all Llanero, irregular, "campaign look" or militia. Llanero/Peasant Infantry (Command) $9.00 12 figures; 1 colonel, 1 drummer and 10 privates in 8 poses; 4 with muskets, 4 with spears/lances. 1 pose each for colonel and drummer. Llanero/Peasant Cavalry $9.00 6 figures in 4 poses. Use these figures for all Llanero, irregular, "campaign look" or militia forces.