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Greenbrier Games Launches Fantasy Resin Custom Minis Kickstarter

Greenbrier Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Fantasy Resin Custom Miniatures Collection. More than just some figures for your tabletop, these miniatures are deigned to be customizable, coming with numerous heads and weapons with which you can make the mini you want, as opposed to the one you feel you have to build. The emphasis is also on detail. The resin being used was chosen to get every molecule of detail out of the sculpts. These are figures you'll be proud to put on your tabletop.
The campaign is set to run for another 27 days.

From the campaign:

Initial Characters

Greenbrier Games' Fantasy Resin Miniatures are a set of high-detail, customizable fantasy miniatures that can be used in a variety of tabletop games and RPGS. Each resin miniature will come with at least one Mutation Pack- an extra head and set of arms that you can swap out with the original parts. Here come the hunters, wanderers, and creatures of the night! With our Fantasy Resin series, immerse yourself in a world of dark, forbidden, and fantastical legends.