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Greenbrier Games Headed to Gen Con

I was pretty certain that this week we would be getting a bunch of announcements about what companies will be having with them at Gen Con. My inbox and a swing around a couple company websites certainly has proven my hunch to be true. Greenbrier is the next in the list of gaming companies that are letting us know what they'll be bringing with them to Indy.

At this year's show, Greenbrier will be debuting several games. They have Yashima, their fact-paced combat game, Heavy Steam, their steampunk battles board game, and Martial Arts The Card Game, the card game of martial arts (rather self-explanatory that one is...). You can check those games out, as well as possibly get a sneak peek at what other games they have coming out later this year (such as Dragon Tides, Fairytale Games The Battle Royale, and more).