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Green Miniatures Holding Miniature Competition

Do you want to help shape the look of a miniatures game? All of us certainly have our thoughts on what figures in a game should look like, and this is your chance to influence that. Green Miniatures is looking to you to help them out create figures based on the battle of Tannenberg. Just find a photo/drawing of the battle and point out which soldier you think should be made into a mini. You could win and that soldier will be put into the game.

From the announcement:

Decide how the new figure will look like!
In the comment section under this post, place a picture / drawing of a soldiers from the Battle of Tannenberg (1914) and write, which soldier you choose - just write, for example, the third from the left ;)
? Our team will choose the most interesting photo and on the basis of it we will create a figure that will be shipped to the winner. In addition winner will receive a mug or t-shirt with a winning photo and the #Greenminiatures logo.
The competition lasts until 20 January until 23:59, and the results will be announced the next day.
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