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Green Horde Preview From Media Event

At the CMON Media Event, we were able to get a look at various games that they have coming down the pipeline. One has a bit of extra pull for me, since I'm an old greenskin. Green Horde is the newest set for Zombicide: Black Plague. The horrible zombie menace hasn't just been contained to humans and some animals. The Orcs have also fallen victim to it. The implications for that are pretty gruesome for the few remaining survivors.

Green Horde is everything you've come to know and love from the Zombicide franchise. There's new survivors. There's new gear to equip them with. There's new map tiles with new types of terrain features (more on them in a minute). And there's zombies. Lots and lots and lots of zombies. But these aren't just any zombie. They're orc zombies. And an orc's natural strength follows it into undeath. Survivors will definitely want to stay away, as these zombies deal more damage than others. So make sure you've got a good shield and some armor. They also travel in groups. You see, when orc zombies are spawned, most of the time they will add to the Horde pile being created off to the side. Then, when their card is drawn, the horde spills out onto the board, creating a new mass of danger for the survivors.

Thankfully, there's a new weapon in the fight against the zombies. The catapult can fire huge projectiles at the zombies, giving the players a chance to thin the herd. There are several different types of shot that can be sent out, each one specializing in taking out either groups of zombies, lines of zombies, or just really big zombies. Smash!

As for the terrain, that can also aid heroes in their bid to stay alive. The hedgerows are a great way to get away from a not-too-bright zombie. These maze-like growths were once simply decorative. Now, they can save your life. There's also various pools that were once used as quaint ponds to swim in or where various cattle got a bit of a sip to drink. Now, survivors can dive in to freedom, as zombies aren't fond of taking a dip.

As with every Zombicide expansion, there's plenty of new obstacles and plenty of new opportunities for the survivors. Figuring out how to best leverage any advantage will be the key to keeping alive.