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Green Eyed Minis launches website

Green Eyed Minis have launched their website and online store. From their announcement:
Green Eyed Minis is launching its website today and we hope you can stop by and take a look. Our vision is to make huge armies available to everyone and to recapture the glory days of when gaming tables groaned under the weight of the forces amassed on them. No more will you be forced to fight games with a few dozen figures on each side; Green Eyed Minis is all about getting big armies on to your gaming table. Our first range is the Dwarven Empire which is currently marching to war across our gaming tables at GEM HQ. The army has all the core elements you need to build a formidable force and new regiments are being worked on as we speak, so reinforcements are due soon. Not only that but our second army will be available in March. Thanks for looking and good gaming.