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Green Couch Games Launches Avalanche At Yeti Mountain Kickstarter

Though I did plenty of sledding through the winters when I lived in Chicago, I've never been skiing (on snow or water, for that matter). So I'm not so sure I'd do so well with a pair of rocket skis, at least in real life. The only chance I might have is playing Avalanche at Yeti Mountain, the new card game from Green Couch Games that's up on Kickstarter.


In the game, players are racing down Yeti Mountain trying to be the first one down (or just the last one standing). However, this is more than just a speed race. You also have to avoid the avalanche that's chasing you down the mountain and also the Yeti that can come and disable your rocket skis.

The campaign is a bit more than 50% funded with still 22 days left on the clock.