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Greebo Miniatures starts up Nippon Goblin IndieGoGo campaign

Greebo has started up an IndieGoGo campaign to get a new fantasy football team funded: Nippon Goblins. I must say, I really want the dragon coach.

From the campaign:

Greebo's miniatures is a well known manufacturer of miniatures, born for fantasy football and recently started creating and producing board games and different type of fantasy sports game.

We're trying to continue the production of what we used to do, and so to reach a complete variety of teams for fantasy football, supported by great designers and remarkable sculptors. In particular there is a project that goes on very slowly for years, due to lack of funds entirely self-financed.

The project involves the Nippo Goblin, Nipponese greenskins with a series of themed secret weapons and traditional oriental demonic trolls who have been loudly requested for years from the audience.