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Greatest of All Mountains up on Kickstarter

Sometimes you'll hear people complain that there aren't any original ideas left. You hear this a lot with Hollywood and how every movie is just a reboot or a sequel or a remake or somesuch. Well, I think it's only fair, then, that when an idea that's a lot different than the norm comes out, we make it a point to go, "well... that's different." Greatest of All Mountains is one of those times.

In Greatest of All Mountains, players play as... well... a mountain (yours can be named Billy if you want). You are looking to become the Greatest of All Mountains (hence the name of the game) by adding terrain like lakes, cliffs, and more to your mountain. Extra VPs are gained for being the tallest mountain. After that, you add facilities to your mountain (or to your opponents mountains) in order to attract tourists. Note: facilities you build on your opponent's mountains aren't as good as the ones you'd build on your own. Tourists are a rather fickle lot, so only the best will attract the most tourists and keep them there in your mountain's "safe zone." At the end, there can only be one Greatest of All Mountains.

The campaign's looking to get that initial traction, but there's still 29 days left to go in order to get it.