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Greater Than Games Posts Holiday Sale

Well, it seems that we've opened up the floodgates and the holiday sales are just pouring in now. I didn't quite expect it at the start of the day, but that seems to be the case. Greater Than Games is our next participant. So if you want to pick up some Sentinels of the Multiverse items for cheap, now is your chance. And I do mean "now" as they've already started their sale.

The sale starts off simply: $5 flat-rate shipping in North America. No matter what you get, they'll ship it to you for $5. If you say, "give me 10 pallets of product" you'll get it for $5. There's also special promo cards for Sentinels that they're throwing into orders that you make. They've also added new items to their store. Bottom of the 9th and its expansion is now available. Plus, they have various non-gaming items available. You can also pick up a Mr. Chomps for 50% off.

The sale will go on until January 2nd.