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Great WAR Miniatures Releases Crimean War

Great WAR Miniatures announces the latest figures in their 28mm Crimean war range are now available from North Star Military Figures. Please contact North Star for price and availability:

From their announcement:

CB36 Duke of Cambridge and mounted Guards colonel
CR16 Russian sailors advancing in pea jackets
CRA1 Russian 12pdr gun and four crew in forage caps, coatees and shirtsleeves
The 12pdr is also available with a 1/2 pud Licorne barrel.

Those of you waiting for the Light Brigade will be pleased to know that the Hussars and Lancers are finished, and I'm about half way through the Light Dragoons. Here's a sneak preview of one of the first castings

Also finished and at the mould makers are a Russian 36pdr naval gun with crew and a Russian staff group. The Russian cavalry are currently on the work bench together with a few vignettes to add variety to those Russian columns

Cheers, Dave A