Great War Crimean range photographed

North Star Figures have added photographs of the Great War Miniatures Crimean War range.

 British Command Advancing, Shakos

From their announcement:

Our apologies to readers first of all. We launched the range of Great War Miniatures Crimean War figures, and for one reason and another, didn’t actually illustrate it for months. We’ve just about sorted that out, and the majority of packs are now photographed. Please visit the North Star site to look over the different packs.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to add the first Regiment deals for the Crimea. Saving you around 15% off normal retail, the regiments are 24 man for the British and 30 man for the Russians. They both contain command and Flank Company/ Grenadiers.

Please also note, there is a planned price rise for Great War Miniatures before the New Year.

Great War Miniatures are available from Dave Thomas at UK shows, and Brigade Games at major USA conventions.