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Great Escape Games releases the Complete Dead Man's Hand collection

Great Escape Games is offering up a one-click collection of all things Dead Man's Hand and giving a nice discount if purchased that way.


From the post:

For a limited time only, a bundle deal saving £100 for the following:

One of each of the DMH buildings: Main 1, 2 & 3; Side 1, 2 & 3; Sheriff's, Marshal's, Undertaker's and Gallows, plus single and double storey buildings under construction.

2 x Dead Man's Hand rule book and card deck, 2 x markers and 2 x dice sets.

One of each gang and a set of DMH Citizens.

One of each set of casualties. One set of cacti and a "fistful of baggage".

Pre-painted Boardwalks, Pre-painted Sub Base A & Boardwalk, Pre-painted Sub Base B & Boardwalk, Pre-painted Long Boardwalks (x2), Pre-painted Horse Hitches & Sign Posts, Pre-painted Stairs & Boardwalk.

Set of dead and a set of riderless horses.

Pre-painted Thunderbox toilets, Pre-painted timber outhouse and WC.

Flat Bed Wagon and the DMH/4Ground Wagon.

Yard panel fencing and yard panel fencing with gates.

Pre-painted 4Ground furniture: chairs, small tables, pallet beds, gun cabinet, office desk, rocking chairs, straight and corner counters, single and double bed (wood), grandfather clock, chest of drawers, wardrobe, sideboard, welsh dresser, stools, large table, bookshelf

Plastic Renedra gravestones, mixed tents and barrels (x2).

Priced at £600.00 full RRP £700). Post free worldwide! Remote locations may add a surcharge.