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Great Escape Games Releases Iron Cross

As a historian, I love looking at historical game rules and seeing how each one tries to recapture the look and feel of whatever conflict they're trying to represent. You've got the big phalanx formations of ancient times. The ordered firing lines of the American Revolution. And then you've got some of the crazy chaos of WWII. Great Escape Games' new release, Iron Cross, looks to make the most simple and straight-forward set of WWII rules available. They're available now for you to try out.

The game is designed to be easy to learn with lots of important decision-making as part of your strategy. The game can be played in any scale you prefer (though I would suggest both you and your opponent agree to said scale before you begin playing. Otherwise, that might get awkward). Using a "dynamic activation system," there's always something for you to be doing. No, "It's your turn, so I'm going to go get a sandwich" sort of stuff.

The main book contains the rules for the game, scenarios, as well as German, US, British, and Soviet forces. They also have rules for NW Europe available to download as well.