Graven Games posts Republic Goliath Assault Mech Review

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 14th, 2014

Graven Games takes a look at Anvil Industry’s Republic Goliath Assault Mech in this new review article.



From the post:

We love to use big stompy war robots in our games, and today we are adding the Republic Goliath Assault Mech from Anvil Industry to our collection. The Goliath Assault Mech is part of Anvil Industry’s AFTERLIFE miniatures range, a tabletop wargame which was successfully kickstarted at the end of last year. Anvil Industry also produce an extensive range of power armoured minis as part of their Exo-Lords range, in addition to a wealth of conversion parts suitable for use in 28mm wargames such as Warhammer 40k.

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  • 4tonmantis

    I was kinda meh about this, looking at the photos in the review and everything.. it struck me as a little on the busy side and just not very cool. However, after seeing it on Dwartists’ painting blog, this thing looks awesome.

    • Soulfinger

      Keep in mind that a LOT of meh miniatures look awesome once they are painted up. Conversely, a bad painter can make one of Forge World’s best look like something from a 1978 TSR catalog.

      • 4tonmantis

        lol, I was thinking as I typed it that a dried turd would look awesome if Dwartist painted it 😛 He did another one of those that I absolutely hate the proportions and ..well everything about it. His rendition is amazingly painted, but I still hate the model. This one, he turned my opinion around on greatly.