Graven Games posts Junk Barricades and Orc Flakvierling Review

Graven Games posts another review article. This time, are these the right barricades to keep your Orcs safe?

Junk Barricades and Orc Flakvierling


From the article:

Today we are taking a look at two recent releases from Kromlech, the Orc Junk Barricades, and the Orc Flakvierling, both perfect for use in 28mm wargames such as Warhammer 40k. Kromlech’s Junk Barricades are a set of highly detailed defensive terrain pieces and the Orc Flakvierling is a massive and intimidating quad cannon emplacement. We’ve found in our previous Kromlech reviews that they make some excellent alternative 40k Ork models, so we’re eager to see how these new kits compare.