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Granny Grating Armies Back Up On Kickstarter

Granny Grating Armies (or GGA to their friends) fell short of their goal the first time around on Kickstarter. But they didn't let that keep them down. They retooled, re-imagined, reconfigured, and have relaunched their campaign. This time they're seeing much more success, having made it over their goal already.

The main crux of the campaign hasn't changed. That is bringing you a budget-friendly historical gaming system. Using figures created from plastic grating, you can make figures quickly, cheaply, and easily. Then you can play against your opponents using massive armies. The campaign looks to bring you the rules set, but if you want, you can get fully-built and painted armies as part of the relaunched campaign.

As I mentioned before, they're over their funding goal (more than double, actually). But it's a short campaign. There's only 5 days left to go before it's over.