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Grand Manoeuvre releases 6mm paper Dutch-Belgian army

Grand Manoeuvre expands their Napoleonic paper miniatures range with their new Dutch-Belgian army set.


From the release:

Grand Manoeuvre have just released the first in a mini-series of 6mm paper Waterloo army packs; a Dutch-Belgian army.

This is an opportunity to do Waterloo at very little expense as each army costs only £5!

The "Paper Strength Units" 1815 Dutch-Belgian Napoleonic Army consists of 20 units or unit types and one flag file. The pack has the four cavalry units engage in the Waterloo campaign, foot and horse artillery with limbers and has infantry from Holland, Belgium, Nassau and the Indian Brigade. There are also Jagers and skirmishing light companies for all the infantry units supplied. The flag file has flags for the Line infantry, the Militia, Belgian units and the Jagers.

Future planned releases will be: 1815 Hanoverians & Brunswickers and a mixed pack of units of both French & British (e.g. most of the Brits being in Belgic shakos at this time). Also included at some point in these packs will be command bases of generals ADC`s with some accessories too.