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Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonic Solo Rules now available

Grand Manoeuvre has released their solo rules for play over on their website.


From the release:

I`ve been pleasantly surprised and delighted with the response to this publication - I did not expect quite so many sales, it would seem that for various reasons there are many soloists out there. Writing the rule set has been very absorbing and a little challenging perhaps, but I hope to think that I`ve got the design right and not too much of the non-players plans are given away in the early stages of a game.
Although ideal, the rules are not only limited for use with Grand Manoeuvre Napoleonics; already players have tried it with their own preferred rule sets and found that it works reasonably well.
And the initial responses from players who have read them through are positive and encouraging.

The rules are downloadable from in our webshop and cost £6 - I trust they provide good value for money as they include; a colour printed copy, a black & white printer cartridge-friendly copy, and two quick reference sheets for optional chance events rules.
There is after sales support with an email group, or you can use the forum ant GM website my yahoogroup, or the Grand Manoeuvre Facebook page.

With Best Regards...

Mike Collins.