Grand Manoeuvre has new 6mm paper miniatures on their website

Grand Manoeuvre released some new paper miniatures for the French and British in 6mm scale.


From the release:

6mm Napoleonic French and British Army packs are now available.
Designed with the Napoleonic beginner in mind; "Paper Strength Units" will provide players with an opportunity to game on a large scale or with an “en masse” effect but at a very low cost - you may print and make as many units as you wish.
For example, the French Army pack consists of twenty-two pdf files of French "Line" army units and includes; light and line infantry, skirmishers, cavalry and artillery with horse and limbers and flags.
All you will need to make them is paper, small sharp scissors, PVA glue, a small brush and printer ink.
Once made and the glue is dried, the army unit blocks are surprisingly strong and can be very durable – I still have some in my garage that I made in April 2006!
The bottom line: it`s £5 for an army pack of 20-25 files and smaller packs and armies will cost proportionately less!