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Grand Manoeuvre has gotten themselves a new website

Grand Manoeuvre has an all updated new and nice website. Go take a look.

From the update:

Napoleonic Wargames Rules, "Grand Manoeuvre" have found a new home online where they are now available.
For the past two years they have been available at Michael Stockin`s Angel Barracks website. Now they have an impressive showcase designed by Andy Cummings.

My new website has nine free Napoleonic scenarios available for Grand Manoeuvre games. There are three game play examples illustrating how the rules work for; infantry, cavalry and artillery combats and another game example in which the important role of regulating battalions is described.
The site has a photo gallery of Grand Manoeuvre games, a blog and a forum and in the previous rules updates, which are available as downloads you can find some sample pages of the rules.

Grand Manoeuvre Rules comes in the form of two booklets: "Game and Period Fundamentals" is a sixty-one page introduction which provides the background to the period's tactics and the main part of the rules has 80, clearly and spaciously laid out pages.

In all, Grand Manoeuvre has a total of 144 pages and 38 colour tactical diagrams
There is an eight page, black & white quick-reference mini-booklet and also included in the download is a black and white, cartridge-friendly copy of the main part of the rules.