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Grand Manoeuvre German troops are ready for Waterloo

Grand Manoeuvre adds to their Waterloo army packs with the release of their new paper German troops. Replay one of the most important battles in European history with these new army sets. They've got troops in several formations, as well as artillery (limbered and unlimbered), and flag sheets to help you keep track of everything.


From the release:

Grand Manoeuvre has released the second of its 1815 Waterloo army packs; this one has Hanoverian and Brunswick troops and compliments the previously published Dutch-Belgian army.

The pack contains line and light infantry with skirmishing options with artillery and limbers and the cavalry regiments present in the Waterloo campaign.

22 unit files and a flag file for both forces - this army pack, as per most other army packs by Grand Manoeuvre, costs £5.