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Grand Admiral: Castles of Steel now available

Majestic Twelve Games have released the Grand Admiral: Castles of Steel game. From their announcement:
Grand Admiral: Castles of SteelMajestic Twelve Games is proud to announce the second product in our Grand Admiral line of naval combat wargames: Castles of Steel. During the pivotal years of 1915 and 1916, the future of the world hung in the balance as the Royal Navy time and again failed to deliver on promises of tactical success amid the cold, grey waters of the North Sea. But the strategic situation was much different, as each passing month of the Allied blockade brought the Central Powers closer to defeat. Did the Kaiser's reluctance to commit his beloved High Seas Fleet doom the German people? Was Admiral Beatty the second coming of Nelson himself, or a charismatic, risk-taking glory hound? Might a different British commander at Jutland have brought the decisive victory for which they were so desperate; or, as Churchill feared, might he have lost the War in a single afternoon?
These questions and more are yours to answer as you sail into battle… Grand Admiral: Castles of Steel includes the following:
  • The Grand Admiral rulebook
  • 250 full-color counters representing forces of the Royal Navy and Kaiserliche Marine
  • Data sheets listing hundreds of individually-named vessels, representing 70 different classes, including every major warship present at the Battles of Jutland, Dogger Bank, Coronel, and the Falkland Islands
  • 17'' by 22'' game board
This product is available immediately as a PDF download, or as part of our P-25 program. Place your order now, and you will receive a link to the PDF download. In addition, once 25 orders have been received, a printed copy of the game will be shipped via postal mail. Grand Admiral is the collective name for Majestic Twelve Games' series of large-scale board games simulating naval combat during the age of the battleship. Emphasizing simple game mechanics and fast gameplay without sacrificing historical accuracy, each entry in the Grand Admiral line stands alone. However, the core game mechanics remain constant, allowing players to combine ships from different products to create new scenarios and explore any number of "what-if" situations. Although designed as a hex–n-counter board game, Grand Admiral can be easily adapted to tabletop play using any scale of naval miniatures. So, raise the battle ensign, sound general quarters, and damn the torpedoes — your destiny awaits. For more information, visit our web site at