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Grace and Benediction Now Available For Guild Ball

It's New Release Day over at Steamforged Games. The next couple of releases are available for Guild Ball. I just got a game in of that last night. 12-0 Win for the Hunters against the Union. Though things might've been different if these two new Union members had been on the pitch. Grace and Benediction can now be added to your teams.

From the announcement:

It’s a new dawn for The Union thanks to the divine talents of Grace and Benediction. A bottomless well of healing, the Living Saint, Grace, gives self-sustained support to her teammates near and far. Meanwhile, Benediction stands as a devoted guardian, poised to beat back opposing players. Together, the players make their teams as resilient and unwavering as their faith. Whether you find their presence to be a blessing or a curse will depend on your side of the pitch.