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GottaCon 2013 Malifaux Lineup posted

GottaCon posted up what Malifaux events they've got lined up for the event.

From the posting:

GottaCon is pleased to announce that it will be adding Malifaux to our list of Miniature based tournaments at GottaCon 2013 on February 1 to 3, 2013. This year we are excited to have Wyrd Miniatures sponsor our feature and side Malifaux events.
GottaCon and Wyrd Miniatures are proud to present an exciting lineup of Malifaux tournaments throughout the weekend. Prizes will be awarded individually in each tournament, and the player with the most combined tournament points for the weekend will earn the title of GottaCon 2013 Malifaux Champion! Purchase of a GottaCon Malifaux ticket package ($50 until January 22, 2013 $60 after that) secures a place in each Malifaux tournament and is required for pre-registration and entry in the “First into the Breach”, “One Way Ticket”, and “Masters of Malifaux” Events, as well space is limited to 16 players for the three mentioned events.

For full information on the five tournaments that will take place over the GottaCon 2013 weekend please visit our website