GOT i-Bot green

Antenociti’s Workshop have sent along photos of the green for the i-Bot miniature from their upcoming GOT sci-fi range.

From their announcement:

The “Sentients Charter” bans the manufacturing of robots, cyborgs or other artificial constructs in the likeness of a true human.

Robotic’s companies have been trying to stretch the law as far as possible ever since it came into power, but the i-Bot plays safe with only a passing similarity to basic human anatomy and a decidedly un-human visage.

Nonetheless the i-Bot has out-sold every other DS type robot on the market thanks to its pseudo-Turing routines and it’s impressive dexterity and other ‘locomotive capabilities’; thereby providing a steady and lucrative income stream for Robototekhnika Zakrytoe aktionernoye obshchestvo. (NB: Robototekhnika ZAO inherited the “i-brand” following the net-sale acquisition of various companies after the American Re-Unification War)