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Gordon & Hague releases 10mm Plastic/Prepainted ACW Figures

Gordon & Hague releases prepainted 10 cm American Civil War figures:

From their website:

Our First product is Severed Union 1861-1865: An American Civil Wargame. The miniatures are 10mm scale and require no assembly or painting; they are ready for the battlefield right out of their blister packs. The line is supported by a first edition rulebook that is free to download off of this site. If you are experienced with other rule-sets, we more than welcome you to use them with our miniatures if they are compatible. Our objective is to provide a line of miniatures that allow gamers quick and easy access to the wargaming hobby with minimal prep time. We also hope to provide a quick way for veteran gamers to transition into other genres and time periods without having to spend months modeling a new army.