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Gondola Racing Game up on Kickstarter

SoulJar has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Gondola, their new tile-placement and racing game. Players are trying to reach the finish line first, but the twisting and turning canals of Venice are tricky to navigate. It's hard to even know where the finish line is at first!


From the campaign:

From award-winning game designer, jim pinto comes Gondola — a unique tile-laying race game through the canals of Venice. Designed for 3 to 5 players, Gondola is the first ever game to mix racing and tile placement. Using a unique racing system, the winner will not be the first one to jump to first place, like most racing games. Instead, the game incorporates a number of techniques to keep the race interesting.

This kickstarter helps Souljar Games get the game ready by GenCon and makes sure we continue to grow throughout 2015. Your support is invaluable. To show our appreciation, we are giving backers a first look at the game, backer-only surprises, plus the chance to impact the game's development.