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Golgo Island Studios' Neutron York 3000 Now at

Wargamedownloads announces the availability of Golgo Island Studio's Neutron York 3k on their webstore:

From their announcement:

The place is New York,
the year is unknown,
the future is unwritten…

Neutron York 3000 is a post-apoc skirmish game brought to you by the Golgo Island Studios and supported by a range of 28mm miniatures by East Riding Miniatures. It features:

Alternate activation. Move one figure, then your opponent does the same.
Simple no-chart, no-math combat mechanics. Just roll some D6s and immediately read the result.
A campaign and experience system. Take your gangers from Rookie to Legend status, and fit them with the best weapons available.

Scenario-building tools. Use them to make your own scenarios, or use the ready-made samples provided.
A point system that comes with a complete Character/Force Builder.
Join one of the eight factions described or design your own, be it for a campaign or one-off games.
Plenty of extra rules. To further enrich your NY3K games, rules for vehicles, non-player characters and mass battles are included.