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Gold Rush Rampage Pre-Registration is Open

Gold Rush Rampage pre-registration for the first Gold Rush Rampage is now open:

From their post:

Pre-registration for the first Gold Rush Rampage is now open at

The Gold Rush Rampage is a regional Warmachine and Hordes tournament-taking place in Sacramento, CA on Saturday February 11, 2012. The Rampage is a roaming tournament that will be featuring different game stores in the area around every 6 months.

This Rampage will be taking place at Great Escape Games in Sacramento!

Tournament details at a glance:
• Saturday February 11th, 2012 starts at noon
• $10 for pre-registration or $15 at the door
• 35 points SR 2012 normal times
• 3 lists required, "Divide and Conquer" format

Painting Requirements:
• Front arcs must be marked

Prize support will feature a Steamroller Coin Kit, Store credit for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the Master Craftsman.

Those who place will also receive one of the following:
• One weekend pass to Warmachine weekend
• One weekend pass to KublaCon
• One day pass to the bay area open

On top of these great prizes, we will be hosting a raffle at the end of the event based on achievements.
Throughout the day you will be able to earn additional tickets by unlocking achievements, such as making the most power attacks in a single round, pushing a model 6” in a single round, rolling snake eyes multiple times in a game, and so forth.

Raffle prizes include:
• WARMACHINE 2 player battle box (plastic)
• Minion Croak Hunter solo (1 model)
• Minion Farrow Gun Boar
• Minion Gatorman Bull Snapper light warbeast (1 model)
• Mercenary Harlen Versh, illuminated one
• Mercenary Ragman Thamarite character solo
• Hordes Domination poster

Hope to see you there!