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Going to pieces - Mantic Games' ruins sprues now available on Pre-order

Mantic is now taking orders for their ruined terrain sprues over in their webshop.
Sneak mini-review:
They sent me some sprues to check out for upcoming Ravage issues. The details on these things are great. I recommend them.

Ruined Terrain


From the post:

Ruined Quadrants are springing up, all over the Galaxy, with the release of Mantic Games' new set of scenery tiles, the Ruined Quadrant.
Now available to pre-order on the website is the Ruined Quadrant – quite simply a massive box of sci-fi wargames terrain.

There are seven of each Ruins sprues, each jam-packed with bits including broken tiles, each with jagged metal supports sticking out, and bits of rubble and debris. These pieces can be either be connected together to form standalone cover, or can be used like a regular connector to depict rubble at the base of the walls. As well as this there are simply tonnes of Urban, Fortifications and Landing Pad sprues as well, making it an incredibly affordable way of covering a 6?x4? table in terrain.