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Going Native Mystery Spirit Beast revealed

Paymaster Games gave us just the silhouette of their Mystery Spirit Beast for Going Native the other day. Here's the full artwork.

From the update:

The Lake Monster found in the lakes of the americans are know by meny names, Ogopogo, Memphre, Nahuelito, Champ, Ouampenanagoag, just to name a few. But all of these bease share similar traits like a long neck, and is very long. Some cryptozoological ideas have the american lake monster being a plesiosaur or ancient whale. Give the climate these monsters are found, others believe that they are much more likely related to a Sturgeon.

This is a special Spirit Beast will be made available to all levels Warrior and above as a Spirit Beast add on upon reaching $7000. If we reach the $9000 goal by Tuesday 10/30, every one that has the Wise Old Fox level kit or above will recieve one American Lake Monster for no additional cost.