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Going Native adds new funding levels and shows off the Pacific NW War Chief

Paymaster Games broke through their funding goal limit! Woo!
They're also showing off the green for the Pacific NW War Chief. Go look.

From the update:

By request, there are now all model pledge options that offer Spirit Beast in place of Core Rule books. These all model kits are great deals. For example, the Wise Old Fox All Model kit offer 60 man sized models for $3 each and the 6 spirit beasts that come with the kit are free. These kits are limited in number, so you may want to jump on it while there are some left.

I am proud to announce that Ian Mountain just finished the Pacific Northwest War Chief. This is the planned War Chief for the Pacific Northwest Tribes War Party Starter Kit.

This model was inspired by photos of the Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw) tribe taken in the early 1900s.

Also by fan request, we have also made some avatars.