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Godslayer Wycca Warriors Unveiled by Megalith Games

Megalith Games has some greens up of their new Wycca Warriors for you to check out.


From the preview:

Death-Cultists worship Dhannya in her aspect of Morrigu the Crone – the avenger, cleanser, and guardian of the passage of the dead.

Wycca Warriors form the foot soldiers of the Death-Cult; they are the sons of Morrigu and are so closely tied to her that they are barely classifiable as living at all – poised as they are on the doorstep to the afterlife.

Their dour nature and baleful deeds derive not from malice but from a deep reverence for life, while their most despised enemies are those who defile nature, and the undead which are an abomination against the eternal circle. When the shadow of war looms, the Wycca Warriors form the hard kernel of Tuathan armies.