Gobelin Night Fever 10

L’ Association Stonehenge is holding Gobelin Night Fever 10 on the 29-31st of October near Clermont-Ferrand in France.

From their announcement:

The society Stonehenge from Gerzat (France – Puy de Dôme – Clermont-Ferrand) will host again its game convention, The Gobelin Night Fever, for its last edition.

During the whole week-end, you’ll find all kind of games (RPGs, wargames, board games, tournaments, initiations, diorama…). Will you be there for what should be the last edition of (what is said to be…) THE French convention around figurines games on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October 2010?

Planning of the GNF X (PDF link)

The convention will begin on Friday evening around 8 p.m., Gerzat, Convention Hall Le Galion, 5 minutes from Clermont-Ferrand.
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